For Wounded & Hurting Ministers
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God STILL has a plan for you. He's not through with you yet. You know what God has said.

Romans 11:29
Jeremiah 29:11

Whatever you've gone through, God is able to turn it around for good.

Romans 8:28

CFI may be here, just for you. We desire to equip and empower you to be all that God has planned for you to be. You've gone through "things," and either

1) feel that you don't deserve to be credentialed again, or
2) you've sought credentialing or ministry, but you've been turned down or discouraged.

God is for you and desires to restore you. Understand that He's not holding "things" against you.

Hebrews 8:12

Please consider being part of CFI and the apostolic covering. Let's get you back to where God desires you to be. What do you say? Contact us and let's see if CFI can be an instrument of restoration.