Association Options & Requirements (more details coming soon)

      CFI Apostle

Legal Ministry Status X X X
Periodic Emails
from Bishop
Talk with Bishop
on Phone
  at least once a MONTH at least once a WEEK
Promote CFI
X  X X
Mailing List Participant X  X X
Promote Bishop for
Meetings in Your Area
Optional X X
Intercessors $0/yr $0/yr + Tithe $0/yr + Tithe
Affiliate $30/yr $30/yr + Tithe $30/yr + Tithe
Christian Worker $60/yr $60/yr + Tithe $60/yr + Tithe
Licensed Minister $120/yr $120/yr + Tithe $120/yr + Tithe
Ordained Minister $180/yr $180/yr + Tithe $180/yr + Tithe
Christian Organization $240/yr $240/yr + Tithe $240/yr + Tithe

Explanation of Table Above

There are 3 levels of Association ... Associate, Disciple, & CFI Apostle. While most will be accepted as an Associate, understand that not all are accepted. So all applications are made for the Associate level. Within the application, one can "request" Disciple status, with the understanding that much more is required from those of that status. With the Disciple status comes commitment to tithing, actively promoting CFI & the ministry of Bishop Dennis Davis, and eagerly seeking opportunity to learn, among other requirements.

SPECIAL NOTE from our presiding Apostle/Prophet, Bishop Dennis Davis:

"Understand that my desire and goal is to equip and empower each believer to fulfill God's call upon their life. I understand that each of us is gifted in various ways. I desire each to be who God made them to be. And, just as God has differentiated each of us, even to the degree of no two finger prints being the same, I'm confident that He doesn't desire clones of me. While we may be "similar" in various aspects, we are each unique."

For clarity, a CFI Apostle is also actually both, a Disciple & an AssociateA Disciple is an Associate. However, understand that one can be an Associate without being a Disciple, and one can be a Disciple without being a CFI Apostle.

More details coming soon. If you have questions at this time, please send information requests through our contact page.


Understand the meaning of tithe. The word "tithe" means "a tenth part" (or 10%). Tithe is a tenth of the gross income, not net income. It seems that so many define tithe as being a consistent faithful "giving," without regard to whether it is a "tenth" or not. The tithe is indeed consistent ... meaning that the 10% IS consistent. 9% is not a tithe, it's an offering. 5% of your 10% given to one place, 3% given to another, and 2% to still another, is NOT tithing. Although it adds up to 10%, it is not a tithe, it's an offering. We're told in Malachi to "bring the WHOLE tithe into the storehouse." Which means to bring the WHOLE 10%, not just part of it.

What is a "storehouse?"

1. a building in which things are stored.
2. any repository or source of abundant supplies, as of facts or knowledge.

The reason you would choose the Disciple Level is because you see CFI, and our presiding apostle/prophet, Bishop Dennis Davis, as a "source of abundant supply, of facts or knowledge."

CFI Apostle

When joining CFI, one applies for an Associate affiliation and may "request" Disciple status. As one is faithful as a Disciple, one may be asked to be a CFI Apostle. There are more benefits available as a CFI Apostle, which we will list at a later time. As a CFI Apostle, one is much more committed and involved in promoting CFI and encouraging others to be part of CFI.