🌟 Be the Spark: Ignite Hope with Your Gift! 🌟

Dear kindred souls,

Christian Fellowship International (CFI)—a symphony of faith, woven across time and space. Imagine a tapestry where threads of love, compassion, and purpose intertwine. That’s us—a vibrant consortium of churches and fellowships, spanning the nations.

Why Give?: Because hearts beat louder when they beat together. Your donation isn’t just currency; it’s a heartbeat—a rhythm that echoes across continents. It fuels our mission: to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of God’s people, regardless of borders. From the streets of Lubbock, TX, USA to the serene valleys of Tanzania, we’re there, hands outstretched.

Stewards of Grace: We honor your trust. Like a seasoned gardener tending delicate blooms, we nurture every seed you sow. Our payment system? Swift and reliable. Your gift? A ripple that becomes a tidal wave of transformation.

The Symphony Continues: Picture this: a congregation in Malawi, Kenya, and/or Uganda, voices lifted in worship. Now imagine your generosity harmonizing with theirs. Together, we compose a melody that reaches the heavens. Your gift isn’t just a transaction; it’s a crescendo of hope.

2024: The Year of Amazing: God’s whispers weave through time, and He promises amazement. We’ve glimpsed it—in laughter shared, prayers whispered, and lives touched. This year, let’s script miracles together. Let’s feed the hungry, clothe the weary, and cradle dreams.

Join the Chorus: Click that button, dear friend. Your gift isn’t just a donation; it’s a benediction. As Genesis reminds us, “I will bless those who bless you.” So let’s bless, abundantly.

Together, We Rise: CFI isn’t just an organization; it’s a movement. A symphony of souls, each note resonating with purpose. Join us. Be the spark. Let’s create hope like our world has never seen.

May God abundantly bless you, and make you a blessing to others!
Bishop Dennis Davis & the CFI Family 🌟🌏

Ways to Donate to Christian Fellowship International